For over 25 years Dirkje has been bringing happiness to babies all around the world.

Dirkje Babywear develops, designs and sells more than 25 years cute and affordable baby- and kids wear. Cute little onesies or tough sweatpants, your little one is able to explore the world in a save, comfortable and stylish way with Dirkje Babywear.

Twice a year Dirkje Babywear launches a whole new collection, existing out of the following lines:


Our newborn collection is made for smallest ones in sizes 50 till 68. This collections contains new born sets with trousers, vests and shirts for boys, girls and unisex. The sets are also separate available and easy to combine.


Dirkje Babywear is well-known for her cute baby sets. As well as for boys and girls, we have a wide assortment with soft materials and trendy designs. Our ‘sweet’ collection is available in sizes 50 till 86.


Our Dirkje ‘comfort’ line brings out the comfort for the little ones. The themes are designed in different colours and prints and are easy to combine with each other. You can also find several soft knitted vests and printed shirts. This collection is available in size 56 till 104.


This tough inspired collection is available for boys and girls in different colored themes. Every theme is easy to match with each other and it gives your little one a cool twist to be fashionable during the day. This collection is available in sizes 62 till 116.


Dirkje Babywear also owns a wide assortment of (unisex) basics for babies and toddlers. Our best selling items are designed with basic prints and colours and it’s available the whole year round.

Dirkje babywear is well-known in the Netherlands and our brands are being sold in 50 countries worldwide. Van Gennip Textiles (VGT) offers the following brands: DJ DUTCHJEANS kidswear, Koko Noko kidswear, Charlie Choe sleepwear, Lentiggini swimwear and Mila swimwear. VGT is a typical family business. The design department is located on Dutch soil and every day more than 30 impassioned employees work to increase the growth of the business. The headquarters (with showroom) is located in Weert, but in Nieuwkuijk and Almere VGT owns showrooms too. The convenient B2B online shop and APP (for IOS and Android) fullfill the ability to explore and shop our collections.

It’s also possible to create a private label within a certain amount.

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