Dirkje baby wear

Van Gennip Textiles BV Dirkje stands for a contemporary, very extended collection babywear on an affordable price level. The ratio price/quality is very important for the founders of Dirkje, Toon and Mieke van Gennip. You can see this in the increasing number of outlets ever since 1990.


The Collection Dirkje is available from sizes 44 till 86.  It also contains a diverse collection of sweet baby suits ‘new born’ up to size 68, and a big collection tough baby clothes up to size 86. We mostly design in themes, which can also be seen in the swimwear collection, Dirkje swimwear. These styles are in line with the babywear collection. If you want to know more about our swimwear collection, please have a look at our other website www.lentiggini.nl!

D.J. Kidswear

In the collection of winter 2005 Van Gennip Textiles launches a new collection in sizes 92 –128, called D.J. Kidswear. With a new extended design department Van Gennip Textiles B.V. brings a very tough collection kidswear on a low price level. D.J. Kidswear stands for nice clothing with the look of a brand.

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